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Acknowledging the Confluences of Catastrophes

About Confluentialism
Climate Change +
Species Collapse +
Peak Oil

Peak Resources +
Nuclear War +
Religious Apocalypse

Climate Change +
Infrastructure Decay +
Virus +
Nuclear War

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We provide the TCFPAS Test to enable you to determine your likelihood of survival within each of the three Confluential Catastrophes posited by the Center. Survival expectations are derived via proprietary algorithms and computable Confluential compounding, over a ten-year span of Catastrophic impacts.

Because we strive to be worldwide in scope and interpretation, we are treating each testee functionally as a "generic human" -- there may be differences between overdeveloped countries and underdeveloped countries, though arguments can be made that subsistence farmers -- of whom we have few in the overdeveloped world -- have a higher likelihood of raw survival in most Confluential scenarios.

Questions may have more than one answer, or no "right" answer; the Center assumes no responsibility for the emotional responses engendered in the test-taker; submission does not constitute contract, lien, or ownership of said information; use at your own risk.

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