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Climate Change +
Species Collapse +
Peak Oil

Peak Resources +
Nuclear War +
Religious Apocalypse

Climate Change +
Infrastructure Decay +
Virus +
Nuclear War

On Confluentialism
Confluentialism is a systems approach to PostApocalypse Studies, known in some circles as "PostApocalypse Studies," and in others as "PostApocology."

At The Center for PostApocalypse Studies, we use the former appellation, as being more precise. Confluentialism takes as a prerequisite that no collapse can exist in isolation, and that rather there are causal, proximate, and likely interrelationships between the nameable catastrophic scenarios. Further we hold that the triune model described below should be used to depict and analyze triune and quatrune, mutually Confluential, Apocali.

History of the Center's Founding:
It must be acknowledged that the Directors of the Center were once affiliated with the directors of the Institute for PostApocology, believing (as we still do) that their work was important to understanding the impending social, political, cultural, natural, and military pressures of the upcoming Catastrophes.

The first five years at the Institute were full of robust discussion, many publications, and much levity. However, we came to believe that James and Mike's insistence on exclusively using Confuturism as their analytic methodology had severe limits -- humor can only go so far -- and that their ultimate choice to view, and to present, the catastrophe vectors as isolated entities, was fundamentally flawed.

The previously convivial group, who used Consensus in all decisions, discovered unbreachable gulfs as we confronted the issues of building our new, interactive, educational application of the "Survival Aptitude Quiz" on a new Web site, designed for engaging the public regarding PostApocalypse thinking. James and Mike, now the lone Directors of the Institute for PostApocology, insisted on siloed Scenarios, presented via the lens of Confuturism alone, without representing, in any facet, Confluential thinking. They believed we needed to keep the Website light and simple, that "Confuturism" sounded too much like "Confluentialism," and that monolinear analysis was the appropriate model for public outreach. This we could not abide, so we have founded The Center for PostApocalypse Studies to explore the more nuanced, and we believe more likely, Confluential Catastrophes.

The Center's Conclusions:

The Center's conclusions regarding likely Confluential Catastrophes are as follows (these three will be confronted most fully within this Website): Climate Change + Species Collapse + Peak Oil, abbreviated hereafter as "CSP"; Peak Resources + Nuclear War + Religious Apocalypse, abbreviated as "PNR," and Climate Change + Infrastructure Decay + Virus + Nuclear War, abbreviated as "CIVN." Please read the overviews of these three Confluences to understand the Confluential Catastrophes.

Our analytic framework eschews the much-ballyhooed Confuturist dialectic, but instead uses the triune Confluential model of Practicality, Probability, and Pessimism (The P3 Framework™). We apply P3 to create the TCFPAS Test, and the corresponding TCFPAS Score, indicating the likelihood of Prosperity, Penury, or PostExtinction within each Confluential Catastrophe.

We hope you take the quiz, to more fully understand the likely impact on your future life -- or lack thereof -- within Confluential Apocali.

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