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Species Collapse +
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Climate Change +
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Virus +
Nuclear War

The Center's Approach to Charity
In the early days, when the original seven Founders of the Wind Horse Alliance were framing their approach to public engagement, the Founders (the Center's Directors among them) concluded that from whatever advertising clickthrough revenue we made, we should provide an "equal share for charity," treating the Seven Scenarios as an equal partner in the enterprise.

Since then, we have founded the Center, and are keeping our own books. It's clear that the costs in literal outlay (for servers, software, domain names, bandwidth, laborious HTML, and more), not to mention the necessary attention and energy, make that model, alas, untenable for the Center for PostApocalypse Studies.

How the Institute is able to keep its pledge is unknown to us, but then, before the Rift, we always heedlessly trusted Mike's accounting. For the Center, we have chosen a different path: outside fundraising.

This is in keeping with the seriousness of the Confluential Catastrophes we are envisioning; we need neither distract nor entice, but rather can simply, and straightforwardly, communicate the gravity of our Confluential hypotheses, not only to our Web audiences, but also to potential funders.

If you find value in the work the Center is doing, and are part of a foundation or charitable giving program, please consider donating to our important enterprise. The fate of PostApocology, and the world, may be affected by it.

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